In a unique virtual environment, party with 10,000 people all across the globe for 24 hours. Dance to music, watch live, and meet friends.

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2020 was a hard year for everyone.
2021 is a new year. A new you! A new hope!
We are bringing the world together to celebrate life for a new beginning!
For a happier us! For a happier you! For a happier year!
Join us and invite your friends!
Let's celebrate together!

Let's bring the world together!


At the comfort of your house connect with thousands of people around the world and enjoy the NYE 2021 celebration. Don't spread the virus. Spread happiness!

Across the globe

As each country turns 2021 we celebrate with count downs, starting from New Zealand all the way to Hawaii.

Live Stream

All the events will be live-streamed to your device. Easy access and compatible with all devices. Feel free to share it on a big screen for others to enjoy as well.

10,000+ Beautiful People

Party with thousands of beautiful people from all around the world in one place. 

Video Chat Rooms

Talk face to face or drop a text in the chat box. We have many rooms for you to explore. Make friends. Have fun!

24 DJs

We have 24 DJs playing all types of music for you. From around the world, culture, and countries. You can even suggest songs!

24 Hours

For 24 hours, from midnight to midnight, tune in wherever you are in the world to celebrate life together.

Your favorite people

We will bring as many familiar faces to party as possible. Nominate your favorite person and let us bring them to the party.

Let's Parteeeeee
Don't wait until last minute to get your tickets.
Before Dec 7 


Second week of Dec


Third week of Dec


Fourth week of Dec


Last week Dec


Who are we?

Boonoob: The Social Web for Social Good

Boonoob is a social network aiming to connect the world to activities for a happier lifestyle, meeting needs, and helping each other.

How did we start?

In early 2018 we started with small gatherings in our backyard in San Francisco.
These weekly gatherings of 2/3 people soon turned into bigger parties.
For Halloween 2018, we hosted a yacht party called Costume Cruise with 126 people.
By 2019, our parties went viral all over the SF. People would join us almost weekly for pool parties, roof-top parties, and house parties.
By end of 2019, we hosted a New Year's Eve party on a WW2 Battleship Jeremiah O'Brien with 1,000 people. We topped as the most popular party in the SF Bay Area breaking the records.

This year we are going worldwide!

Join us for this New Year's Eve to celebrate life and leave 2020 behind for a new year! A new you! A new hope!

We are a fast growing social web with the aim to connect 1 billion people by 2030 for a happier lifestyle, meeting needs, and helping each other.

For a limited time, you can invest in our company to get good future returns on your investment and get NYE tickets too.

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